Saturday, 10 July 2010

New Jaws making-of book to be released

In another article commemorating the 35th anniversary of Jaws, Reuters returned to Martha's Vineyard and interviewed the locals about their Jaws experiences during filming in 1974.

It's all very interesting and well worth read - especially the bit about a new Jaws book coming out soon.

Documenting the impact of the film on island history has been a full-time job over the last two years for Matt Taylor, who is polishing a 300-page account of how "Jaws" was made.

The book, titled "Martha's Vineyard Remembers Jaws," includes about 800 never before published photographs of the production snapped by islanders, and 65 interviews with those closest to the filming. It is set for release this fall.

This is something I'd never heard of, and a search of Amazon pulls up no such book. However, after a bit of digging (well, typing "Martha's Vineyard Remembers Jaws" into Google) I found this site.

While the site doesn't give a definite release date for the book, it does say that the book will come with a DVD of 8mm footage shot during filming by resident Carol Fligor. A forum site here seems to have got a few quotes from Jim Beller, who is compiling photos for the new book. He says:

I can't wait for all the JAWS fans to finally see this! Wait 'till you read all of these new stories & info that no one's heard before. And wait until you see the hundreds & hundreds of images that we've managed to get in the last couple of years!!The book will be sold in stores on Martha's Vineyard & through our big website which we are working on now. It's being published through VINEYARD STORIES who do a number of books & coffee table books about Martha's Vineyard.

That's all I've got just now, but I will try to find out more about this exciting new Spielberg book.

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